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Leverage the industry’s most expansive partner network to grow your revenue. Work with top Solution partners to improve your selling process and better define how you use to get the best results for your company!

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ShiningorbIT consultancy


Helping companies take control of their processes. 


We work with small and medium-sized companies and start-ups, identifying the best management and collaboration tools for your specific needs, enabling stronger business processes, smoother teamwork and workflow, consequently improving profitability.

Based in Europe but working also with LATAM and Africa, we offer services in: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our customer base extends from South Africa to Germany, with past projects also in Canada, France, Spain, Brazil and Chile. As per industry range, we've worked with Automotive, Design and Marketing agencies, IT Providers, Management and Strategy Consultants and Manufacturing companies.

Services Implementation
As Certified Partners of Teamwork, we implement this dynamic people-driven platform that simplifies Project Management, improving Interactions with Teams, Partners and Customers, while enhancing Teams Capacity.

  • Live visibility on status and performance plus insights on workload distribution, risks or blocks;
  • Maximize capacity and utilization;
  • Ensure no task falls through the cracks;
  • Budget time efficiently, by tracking time budget but also learning from past estimates vs actual;
  • Improve consistency across the teams’ workflows;
  • Create and use your own templates, saving time while ensuring consistency across teams.



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