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Understand, Stabilize, Change, Improve


Ooskee is a consultancy that optimizes operations for small and medium sized agencies. 

The Ooskee improvement method presents change management in a way that is understandable, widely applicable, and makes your goals achievable. This method chooses to abandon the maze framework of change and improvement to, instead, focus on foundational truths about change. Building upon the pillars of Culture, Capacity, and Communication, the ooskee method uses four easy-to-remember steps: Understand, Stabilize, Change, Improve.  

In working with Ooskee, these steps will be applied to ensure that we fully understand your organization and needs to create a stable environment that allows change and improvement to take place in a healthy way.


Software Implementation Services
A full establishment of the project management software including structure definition, template creation, initial setup, and ongoing support. We execute on a proven process to success. The goal is for you to not only implement your new process & workflow but also understand it.

We take you through 6 Phases to ensure that the platform is fully adopted by your team:
Phase 1: Information Gathering - Tell us about you, your goals, and your pain points.
Phase 2: Materials Prep - What will be needed and from who?.
Phase 3: Build Out - The start of populating your platform
Phase 4: The First Roll Out - Testing the usability with your team in a small group
Phase 5:“The Big Roll Out  - It’s been proven, now let’s roll it all out!
Phase 6.: As-Needed Support - Ongoing support to ensure your team is successful in the long run!
Improvement Strategy Sessions
A deep dive into barriers to establish alignment and understanding in leadership with preparation for embarking on change initiatives company-wide focusing on communication plans and strategies.

Understand your problems.
The current state assessment will provide you with a concise report with data insights for your company performance, barriers to your company goals, root causes of those barriers, and additional areas for consideration

Know where you’re going.
Based on the Current State Assessment, we will create a phased approach to knock down the barriers that are in the way of your goals. Each item will be categorized on a scale between highest-impact and lowest-effort to lowest-impact and highest-effort and placed on a implementation timeline to make sure you’re spending time on things that matter most.

Communicate clearly.
You’re only as good as your weakest link, and the weakest link is the one who doesn’t understand. We’ll work with you on a communication plan to make sure you are giving your teams the information they need at the right time ensuring any changes start with a unified team and end the same way.
Process Training and Documentation
Process Training and Documentation is designed to help overcome process challenges, make sure your team is introduced to the new process, and effectively document processes for lasting impact. We’ll work with you to map out your current processes and compile them into uniform reference materials so that your staff has the resources and support they need. 
Tools & Systems Assessment
The Tools and Systems Assessment is a fundamental service that helps you take stock of what you have, gets rids of waste, and in many cases, helps your team stop duplicating work. When things get difficult, people start creating their own solutions. Great for creativity, terrible for organization.

The Tools and Systems Assessment is a focused effort to make sure things are being done efficiently, effectively, and in harmony with one another. This assessment focuses on three aspects: Data Needs, Functional Needs, and Practical Application.


Our Team

Leina Gilster photo
Leina Gilster

Founder & CEO

My goal as a consultant and implementor is to bring clarity to my clients. With an emphasis on creating the best version possible the first time and always looking for improvement opportunities, I like to embrace challenging conversations. I love big visions, and I like figuring out how to make them work.


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