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Leverage the industry’s most expansive partner network to grow your revenue. Work with top Solution partners to improve your selling process and better define how you use to get the best results for your company!

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HT&T Consulting

We help you look at the present with fresh eyes and see the future of your company before it happens.


We have been since 2000. We are an agency that helps small and medium-sized businesses, companies, activities, and professionals to identify, approach, and achieve their goals.

We work in the present, studying the past, for the future of our clients. A future that, sooner or later, comes. If the client is ready at that moment, it will mean that we have done our consulting job well.

We believe in the simplicity of relationships, in the honest voice of measurability, in intense goal-oriented work. We believe in our limitations. That’s why we love networking: together, we are complementary and stronger.


Strategic Consulting
Our consultancy provides specialized services aimed at enhancing your business operations. With our seasoned consultants, we delve into your needs and objectives, crafting tailored strategies to propel you toward success. Through our consultancy, we optimize operations and enhance profitability, ensuring sustainable growth for your enterprise.
Account Migration
 If you're operating with antiquated business systems, consider it time for an upgrade. At HT&T, we provide seamless migration services to transition you from outdated legacy systems to the innovative Teamwork platform. Our team of seasoned experts will manage every aspect of the migration, guaranteeing the safety and security of your data during the entire process. With our specialized migration services, you can easily harness the advantages of modern technology without any inconvenience 
We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition to our new teamwork system by conducting comprehensive training sessions. Our dedicated team will meticulously guide each employee through the intricacies of the new system, empowering them to master its capabilities and leverage its full potential to optimize their workflows and enhance productivity across our organization
Ongoing Support
Adopting new client management systems and workflows marks the beginning of a transformative journey for your organization. To fully capitalize on this new era, consider collaborating with our seasoned professionals. We provide specialized services designed to amplify the effectiveness of tools through bespoke solutions. Our experts will integrate directly with your team, ensuring rapid problem-solving, customized onboarding support, specialized reporting and integrations, and ongoing enhancements to performance. Partnering with us grants you a committed customer success manager and access to accredited product specialists, empowering you to concentrate on your primary business objectives with assurance.



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