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Business Systems Consultant + Teamwork Partner

Let me help organize your business operations including project management to level up your business, increase your profits & free you up to enjoy life.

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Cutting Edge Operations, Co is an expert in helping online service providers achieve their full potential by equipping them with the necessary tools and systems tailored to their specific business needs. Our strategic approach and extensive knowledge of the industry enable us to guide our clients towards success with confidence. We are committed to helping solopreneurs redefine the term “CEO” using streamlined client processes and automation that enables them to scale faster and stress less.



Operations Strategy Session
Ready to supercharge your business operations? During this session, we'll build a game plan with to optimize your processes. We'll brainstorm together virtually on a customized implementation plan for your business.

Think of it like a roadmap to make your business run smoother and faster. Here are a few examples of topics we can discuss:

  • Creating a timeline to prioritize and implement new systems efficiently.
  • Finding the perfect tools for your needs, like a CRM (customer relationship management) to manage your client information or a project management tool to keep track of ongoing tasks.
  • Developing clear and consistent standard operating procedures (SOPs) for everyone to follow.
  • Gearing up for potential hiring by streamlining your onboarding process.

This session is designed to boost your efficiency and save you valuable time and resources.
Business Systems Audit
The Business Systems Audit serves as a compass for those seeking to embark on a journey towards efficient business operations.  The audit illuminates the path toward streamlined operations, reducing manual tasks, and boosting overall efficiency. Gain clarity on where to direct your efforts and set your business on a trajectory of organized operations and heightened effectiveness.
Done-For-You Operations Setup
The Done-For-You Operations Setup involves crafting personalized systems and streamlined workflows for both new and seasoned business owners who may not be tech-savvy or have the time to delve into intricate system setups. This service not only saves you valuable time, money, and energy but also caters to your comfort level with technology. You'll receive hands-on training, ensuring you're fully confident in managing your backend and delivering services efficiently. Additionally, this comprehensive service extends to optimizing project management and service delivery processes, ensuring your entire business operates seamlessly.


Our Team

Danielle McGinnis photo
Danielle McGinnis

Business Systems Consultant

Danielle McGinnis is a Business Systems Consultant who I'm incredibly passionate about helping online service providers not only survive but thrive by optimizing their business systems and processes.


  • Tenesha Villanueva
    Founder & CEO

    I cannot say enough amazing things about Danielle at Cutting Edge Operations. From beginning to end, Danielle made me feel valued and heard. Before we began our work together I had no systems, scattered structures and a whole lot of manual processes. I often felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants making up the steps as I onboarded a new client. Danielle made me PUT IN THE WORK (in the very best ways) to think through my workflows, communication and all the pieces from start to end of the experience I wanted to create for my clients. She was patient when I changed my mind (this happened alot y'all!) and a sounding board when I felt stuck. Her services are truly worth 100% of the investment. I highly recommend CEO!
  • Sonja Sims

    Danielle is amazing and her positive energy shows through her work. She helps make your business run more smoothly and automate routine task to add value to your clients’ experience. She is fast and professional and works patiently with your entire team bring your workflows to life.


No problem, not only do I help to optimize your existing business systems, I will also help you implement them if you're just starting out!  My Strategy Session is just right for you!


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