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We specialise in helping businesses to increase sales, reduce costs and improve productivity using software.

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Introduction to Our Project Management Solution with

In today's dynamic business environment, effective project management is essential for success. At ATOM Digital, we understand that every organization operates through various projects, each consisting of intricate workflows and tasks.

Whether it's launching a new product, coordinating marketing campaigns, or handling client deliverables, every project involves multiple steps and collaboration among team members. offers a comprehensive project management platform designed to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. We help businesses to efficiently manage projects from initiation to completion, ensuring deadlines are met, resources are optimized, and goals are achieved.

With, you can automate repetitive tasks, delegate responsibilities, track progress in real-time, and facilitate seamless communication among team members. This not only accelerates project timelines but also minimizes errors, enhances transparency, and fosters a culture of accountability within your organization.

As a trusted solution partner, we specialize in helping businesses leverage the full potential of's project management tools. We work closely with our clients to identify their unique needs, customize the platform to align with their business objectives, and provide comprehensive training and support to ensure a smooth transition.

By partnering with us, you can unlock the full capabilities of, drive operational efficiency, and achieve tangible results across your projects. Let us help you streamline your workflows, optimize collaboration, and take your project management to the next level with
Workflow Automation
Introduction to our Workflow Automation Service

Every business is built up of multiple workflows.

These could be sending a new proposal, processing an order for a customer or shipping goods from a warehouse. It may also include back office processes like employee leave applications, filing for annual leave or submitting purchase orders to suppliers.

Each process is built of many steps and can include customer input, manual data entry, management approvals and handover to different departments.

Through workflow automation, you can streamline processes so that software handles any steps that a human team member does not need to be involved in.

This can dramatically reduce the amount of time a process takes to complete, reduce or remove errors from data entry, improve customer experience engagement through faster engagement and make employees happier as they move on from mundane tasks to work on higher value items.

We help our clients to identify the processes that are inefficient or have bottlenecks, find software solutions that fit with their business goals and implement automated workflows that deliver immediate tangible benefits.

Business Process Automation
Introduction to our Business Process Automation Service

Through automation, we can help your business to:

  • streamline and simplify processes,
  • increase service quality,
  • reduce costs
  • improve engagement
Business process automation (BPA) is also referred to as digital transformation or just business automation.

It is the process of using technology to enable a business to achieve more output with the same amount of human resources.

Augmenting your existing team with automated, software driven resources can free up their time to focus on higher value, more complex business requirements.

This is often achieved in small, incremental steps which build over a number of weeks or months to transform processes. This approach reduces risk to the business and makes it easier for employees to adopt and accept the changing work practices.

We help our clients to identify the right processes for automation, document existing procedures, identify the right software to replace human steps, implement the new process and provide ongoing monitoring and improvement.


Our Team

Patrick O'Sullivan photo
Patrick O'Sullivan

Lead Consultant

With over 20 years of experience, Patrick O'Sullivan is a software expert.

Patrick has worked with leading Australia brands like Toyota, Optus, Steadfast and Dulux as well as a range of SMEs and not-for-profit organisations.

Patrick is passionate about bringing cost effective software solutions to growing businesses.

He works closely with each client to ensure ATOM Digital has a meaningful and positive impact that builds a long term relationship.


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